Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'll Be Back

No, it isn't Terminator Arnold with the sunglasses saying "I'll be back" as it should be, but how could I resist this Terminator pic with a robotic looking arm that I could have soldered?!

Plus, this pic allows me to add this:

"If you like it then you should have put a ring on it!"

Speaking of rings and jewelry...

After these last few months of craziness, I am finally getting back on my feet with my Etsy shop. Thanks to all for prayers and good wishes while I hermited in my home and took care of family and health and families health.

We have had among other things...severe anemia (me), corneal transplant and newly discovered diabetes (my husband), and a diagnosis which I will keep private out of respect for my 17 year old daughter (which you know is killing me!!!) except to say that while there is no cure for her condition she is now on medication and the road to better health and I diagnosed her symptoms myself! (I love web MD!)

I also did extensive research through google scholar on latest medications and treatments and found cutting edge medication that has shown very good results for adolescent girls with her condition. Our Doc agreed and started her on this med and even asked to keep my little printed out pages of research. My daughter told him "You shouldn't have done that, she's never going to stop bragging about this..." What does she know?! And who needs doctors anyway? Just give me a computer and a prescription pad and I've got it under control! (Note: Not to worry-her condition is not terminal/life threatening and symptoms can be much improved with medication and lifestyle changes.)

Well the point of this ramble is to say that I've missed you all and soon will be back to my old self blogging away at very sporadic and unpredictable intervals and adding new designs to my shop which will of course be previewed here first with giveaways!

So stay tuned...

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Love the City, Part 1

My husband had a presentation on some waste water sludge pump filter...the largest one in the world...or the United States, maybe it was lifts cakes of dried waste, or maybe it drops them? I know the cake part is correct. I definately remember hearing the word 'cake' and getting very excited until I learned it was a cake of dried waste, which I really don't think should be named after a baked good of any kind. That's just wrong. It's wrong and cruel and decietful and disturbing on so many levels. Oh, I just remembered another phrase about his project: screw conveyor. So if that means anything to any of you, there it is. The largest one in our county, at least. Anyway, as I am sure you have all percieved it really is the most fascinating stuff, the life of an engineer who works in waste water treatment. Well, I'm just as proud as can be about his screw conveyor cake lifter... or dropper. (remember, not 'cake' as in delicous baked treat. Cake as in 'are you seriously telling me that this cake you've been rattling on about for the last 20 minutes is a lump of dried poop and not a treat you picked up for me on your way home tonight from an upscale bakery which comes in one of those adorable 'old school' pink bakery boxes tied with white string and cleverly kept hidden in your car to pull out and surpise me at this very moment?! Are you serious? You do know I'm PMSing don't you? I know you didn't just talk for 20 min. to a PMSing woman about a 'cake' that is- What? What's that? We're going to Chicago?! Honey, you're the best! ) That kind of cake.

So here it is...our lovely trip to Chicago.

My daughter's loved when we walked around with the Chicago tour books in plain sight so much that they had to document it on film. (Yes, this is posed, I was not that bad!!!) They would rather wander for hours and be lost than suffer the shame and humiliation of (gasp) looking at a guide book made for just this purpose. I don't know what I was thinking. (Maybe about cake.)

Drinking Chocolate Peanut Butter milkshakes that came with a fortune cookie on top. How adorable and witty is that?!

Yes, my children have marketable skills for the future.

Spending half of my life savings getting my niece a gift at "American Girl Place."

Laur (who didn't pay) found it quite enchanting.

Stepford Dolls!!!

Attending the Midnight showing of High School Musical 3.
Drinking oreo milkshakes at Potbelly Deli. They came with tiny cookies on the straw. How adorable and witty is that?!

Visiting University of Chicago. There's the beloved tour books again!

Taylor getting some free counseling from Bob Newhart.

Giving Bob a piece of my mind after he blamed all Tay's issues on me. (It's always the mother...)

We found some local children to frolic in the park with.

Until one little boy started crying...

And Taylor mocked him.
Back to Bob's counseling couch for her.

Well, trust me, there was much more, but I must get back 'in studio' and solder like the wind. (Ooh, a wind reference in a post all about the 'windy city'! Sometimes I even surprise myself with my clever wit.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Birthday For Frances

My daughter, Taylor, was just invited to a birthday sleepover for a new girl in her class named....Frances! How adorable is that?! And why didn't I think of that name?

Do you remember the children's books about the little badger named Frances who always made up funny songs?
They were my favorite books when I was little and I have proof!

Okay, now pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing. (You guys are so rude!) Yes, I was a card carrying, bonefied, Grade A, Number One Nerd as a child. (Thank goodness I outgrew it...)
This photo is me at the library after they ran an essay contest called "Libraries Are..." The winning essay was printed on to t shirts and they were sold to raise money for the library.

I practically lived at the library so they naturally used me for a photo advertising the t shirts. (Who can we use for this stupid ad for the library shirts? Hey, there's that little blond girl who doesn't seem to have a home, grab her!)

They had me put on a library t shirt and told me to hold my favorite books. You can't actually tell in the photo, but I am holding all the Frances books!

A brief note about the authenticity of my nerdom:
I actually was not naturally as nerdy as I appear in the photo. I had to ad artificial nerd enhancements. I had forgotten about this little detail until my husband saw this photo yesterday and asked "Why are you wearing glasses in that picture? You don't wear glasses."
He,of course, was not surprised in the least when I explained that I wanted glasses so badly in the third grade (no idea why) that I faked a bad eye test to get them. Direct Husband Quote: "So you were already using your 'I Love Lucy' style plots and tactics at eight years old?" (No comment.)

This childhood among books led to my career as a children's librarian for the last six years. (Before I started my jewelry business.)

Okay, I forgave the first round of laughing at the library photo, but this is just too much. Can you people please try to restrain yourselves for the sake of my fragile self esteem?!

Ahem. As I was saying...Yes, I was a librarian. ( I'm warning you, don't even snicker or this post is over!) Granted I was messy, loud, disorganized, scatterbrained, constantly laughing, never stern, and pretty much hopeless, but I was a librarian none the less. My kids did not learn much about the Dewey Decimal System, but through invented games, ridiculous skits, super involved and complex crafts, rambunctious scavenger hunts, fun prizes, delicious snacks, ...oh yes, and reading,... I did instill in them a passion for books.

I do miss the kids and my co workers, but I'm not so sure they were sorry to see me go. At least I don't think they miss my heaped trash pile of a desk and loud laugh echoing throughout the hallways at the most inappropriate times.

(How was I supposed to know there was an anti drug rally with moving testimonial going on in the gym? What? Well, no one told me the principal had a suspended student and his family meeting with him in his office! Come on now, if you can't whisper a racy joke to a fellow staff member to lighten tension during a long boring board meeting then really, what is the point of even being here?)

Yes, jewelry design was a wise career choice for me. And speaking of jewelry design...

I just had to make a Frances necklace for Frances. I think it turned out pretty cute. Not my usual themes or colors but still very much in my style.

And also very much in my 'style' is the fact that I have no clue if Frances, the girl, even knows who Frances, the adorable children's book badger, is.

I mean, seriously, is this birthday and necklace even really about her?

Dang paparazzi! I told them no more photos of me and my svelte body in my fishnets... I look like a seventeen year old again!

(Hope the above 'model' is at least 18, don't want to be pressed with charges for exploiting a minor!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The winners! (and the loser...)

Okay, first off, I'm the loser because of my ridiculously poor computer skills. (Using the word 'skills' very loosely...)
So, needless to say no adorable movie of winners being drawn from 'contest beret'.
Too bad too, because in the movie I look extremely skinny and well put together.
My hair is done, nails freshly manicured, and although you can't actually 'see' it, I smell really good too.
Trust me.
Really good.
Oh well...
But now let's celebrate!!!

The winners are:
Second place.....Suzie S.

Hooray Suzy! Carnival Ring and all it's prestige are on their way to you! I'll inform the J.N.V.C.R.C. of their new member. (A word of warning, don't get too friendly...they love to text message. You'll live to regret it. My advice, remain a bit aloof and stand offish.)
Look Suzy, at the fun activities you are in for! Playing 'Hungry, Hungry, Hippo...Wearing matching clothes...

(Are the rest of you feeling a little better about not winning?)

And now...

First place....

Don't you love the suspense?!

Lana R.!!!!!
3 cheers for Lana!
She had the correct answer!
My newest design is my 'Lady Sawed in Half Earrings' !
See them in this photo?

And this one?

The front side is both halves of the lady. The back is 2 parts of this awesome Thurston the Magician poster.

The earrings go together like puzzle pieces, completing a part of the poster.

I am reading this great Houdini book, so I foresee many more magic designs in my future...

For those who didn't win, never fear! I am going to be releasing many designs over the next few weeks and I am going to do more giveaways.

Here's a hint for my next design:

"Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!"

Any guesses?
(This isn't the contest, just for fun.)

Technical Difficulties! ($%#@&*^%)

Having computer and camera issues...
Contest winners will be announced today, hopefully in a cute little film of my youngest (and most animated) daughter drawing the names out of the 'contest beret'.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My First Contest!!!

Here it is folks...

The first Jamie Noel Contest Giveaway Extravaganza ever!!!

(This tiny photo is supposed to be the grand parade celebrating my contest.) Impressive, I know...

The prizes are: One million dollars!

No, Dr. Evil, it is not one million dollars!(What a jerk, he is always crashing my blog...)

It is even better! (not really, but let's pretend.)

First Prize is: My new jewelry design!

Yes, it's true.

And Second Prize is:

This adorable vintage carnival prize ring!

It is circa 1950's and is marked "Japan".(It's adjustable.)I found a small lot of them and bought them all!

And as I have only given this ring to 4 other people, my two girls and my two nieces, you will become a member of the very elite Jamie Noel Vintage Carnival Prize Ring Club.

Just take a look at your fellow J.N.V.P.R.C. members:

Yes, instant cool status will be yours indeed.

So how can you win one of these awesome prizes?

And wait, what is my new design?

Ha, ha, my friend, you have fallen right into my trap.

That is the contest.

("What ?! I don't get it?!")

Calm down , let me explain.

Somewhere in my last post ("Prizes! Prizes!") is my new jewelry design. You will have to look at the photos to find it. You may also have to peek at my shop to see what my current designs are. (Hee,Hee..sneaky me!)

When you have the answer then post it in a comment. (If I have done this correctly, the comments on this post will be hidden.) (That's a big 'if'.)

Update: Change of plans. E mail your answer to me at:

Correct entries will be put into the 'contest berret' and two will be randomly drawn. I will film and post the drawing to verify authenticity and to create a sense of drama and unbearable suspense.

Contest will be open until Sunday night at midnight.

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

(Be sure to check back Monday because if it's you, then I will need contact info. )

Okay, on your mark, get set, ................GO!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prizes! Prizes!

Head’s up:
I am going to have a contest on my next post (Friday, Oct. 3) where you can win one of two fabulous prizes! Go tell your friends and neighbors!
(Prizes are not those pictured, that is just a festive prizish looking corner of my studio.)

Don’t go yet…

Don’t you want to read today’s post?
I promise, it’ll be fun.

Let’s start by playing a game.

See if you can fill in the blank on the following sentence:

Once again, my home is a house of ____________.

Go ahead, try to guess the answer by filling in the blank.
I'm waiting...

Come on! Didn’t you people ever watch The Match Game?
This is where you guess answers like: ‘ill repute’ or ‘cards’
Or anything else that would go with “house of____” . (funky seventies music playing)

If you work ‘whoopie’ into your answer give yourself 5 bonus points! (Charles Nelson Riley's laughter can be heard in the background)

Okay, here’s the answer: sickos

No, ‘house of sickos’ is not the most popular catch phrase, but it’s what we are.

My girls are both sick with bad colds. Everyone is miserable except the dogs.

As you can see, Chewy the Very Rude Dachshund is just happy as a clam to have an all day sleeping buddy. (We love him, but he really is quite rude.)

The good news is that without driving 4 hours each day back and forth to school I have been quite productive.

I am going to now blow your socks off with what I have done.
Warning: Shocking photos below! No, those aren’t the shocking pictures!

These are:

Did you faint? Scream? Think that H-E- Double Hockey Sticks just froze over?! (It may have.)

Yes, I have been organizing my ‘studio’.

What brought on this flurry of organization you ask? Did my husband begging while down on bended knee finally do the trick?

No, this was prompted by one of my trademarked impulsive inspirations. You see, I found this adorable old store rack in an antique store for only $40! In the shop it was black and wire and dirty, but all I could see were neat organized shelves and vintage candy wrappers... (harp music begins to play)
So, I’m very proud of my messy little self and plan to continue this organizing through the rest of my ‘studio’ and home. Let’s just hope this world has enough adorable antique storage containers to keep me engaged until completion.

And with my supplies organized I have been able to work much more efficiently and not spend 2 hours each day looking for things. (Who took my bone folder?!!)

As evidenced by these photos...

Works in progress:

Completed orders, boxed and ready to pack:

And finally, packaged orders ready to ship:

So I hope you are all inspired by my herculean effort at (gulp)… cleaning. I’m getting a little more comfortable saying the “c’ word.

Ooops, 'c-word' could be taken in a different way...

But only if you have a dirty mind so shame on you!

(I see I’ll just have to make my next stop there on my cleaning pilgrimage!)

Remember: Contest on Friday! Real live prizes!